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24th December 2015 | By:

Double linked list in C [part 2]

In the first part of this blog entry we discussed the basics of the linked lists and showed a simple implementation in C. Let’s try and extend the previous implementation and make this into a Double linked list. A double linked list… Continue

12th December 2015 | By:

Writing a GUI using QML for a C++ project

As I mentioned before, QML provides a brand new approach to developing GUI applications for a range of different devices. This makes it really easy to write C++ apps for multiple operating systems. We can develop the same QML and QtQuick application… Continue

15th October 2015 | By:

How to run a single app instance in QT

Sometimes we don’t want to allow users to run multiple instances of the app at once. We might want to do it, to prevent memory leak, files corruption or we decided there is no practical need to run two instances… Continue

Think Tank
15th June 2015 | By:

How to Build a Binary Clock [PART 1]

Electronics have always been very interesting for me, but I’ve never had a lot of opportunities and tools to try it. Now, as our office has become more of an electronics lab, I can start to get closer to the electronic part… Continue