10th January 2014 | By:

Tmux usage tutorial

Linux users are probably aware of the utility called ‘screen’, it has been around for ages and is still available for most of the distributions as the default utility to multiplex a physical terminal between the processes. The ‘screen’ works quite well but lacks a constants development of new features. Tmux is an alternative to… Continue

18th December 2012 | By:

How does "Agile Development" impact your clients?

I’ve had a number of meetings recently where I touched on our Agile Development practices, and one of two things tends to happen: I get confronted by either a look of utter confusion, or a look of skepticism. It’s a term that is bandied about frequently by tech companies and primarily sales people, but what… Continue

17th December 2012 | By:

4 Crucial Tips When Setting Out to Build a MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

As a software/engineering company specialising in complex web applications and engineering projects, we’re constantly being approached by both companies and individuals looking to launch a brand spanking new product. This is an exciting time, both for our client and for us – our developers would love nothing more than to be given free reign to… Continue