Rolls Royce Ghost Powertrain Engine
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8th December 2014 | By:

Inside Rolls Royce – Saatchi Gallery London

The 'Inside Rolls Royce' exhibition is quite possibly the first example I've come across of a truly interactive exhibition - and one that delivered on its promise. Before jumping in to the fascinating history behind Rolls Royce, and the exquisite craftsmanship that accompanies their work, let me first touch on the exhibition itself, and how… Continue

5th December 2014 | By:

Profiling Python Application with Graphs

Profiling Python Application with Graphs As a General rule when we write a Python code we tend to write it as quickly as possible in order to achieve the desired outcome, once we reach this stage we look back and try to optimize the  code as much as  possible. Profiling is an essential and powerful… Continue

3rd December 2014 | By:

Analogue to Digital Conversion [PART 3 – Aliasing]

Aliasing is a phenomenon that occurs when sampling analogue signals with high frequency components. When sampling at a frequency lower than the Nyquist frequency, signals may be incorrectly detected at a lower frequency, leading to inaccurate results. Careful design and consideration into this matter when it comes to choosing the sampling frequency can overcome this. Continue