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5th April 2022 | By:

Retail Marketing Trends For 2022

Marketing methods are always evolving. Seemingly every day we see fresh headlines explaining the innovative way in which a given company is incentivising more customers to visit their stores, or buy their products. And at this point, the number of… Continue

1st December 2020 | By:

Celebrating World AIDS Day with Orasure

Today is World AIDS Day. It’s the day when millions around the globe join the fight against HIV and AIDS. World AIDS Day is an opportunity for us to better educate ourselves and our communities, support those affected by the… Continue

Automated Retail & Vending
11th November 2020 | By:

The Rise of QR Codes in a 'Touch Free' World

QR codes have been around for decades and in that time used extensively in manufacturing and industrial automation environments, due to their rapid identification and reading/scanning attributes. The very name QR stands for ‘Quick Response’ and hints at just how… Continue

12th June 2020 | By:

Hotels: Raising the (mini) Bar!

We’ve been working hard with one of our most forward-thinking, disruptive and hard-working clients VendEase (explore more about what they do here) to introduce touch-less vending combined with age-restricted alcohol sales to hotels. Introducing a touch free, age verified, alcoholic… Continue

Experiential Marketing & Event Technology
28th May 2020 | By:

Is touch-less experiential the future?

It sounds oddly counter-intuitive, doesn’t it? Experiential by it’s very definition involves experiencing! How can we remove touch – such an essential sense – from that experience? And what could we replace it with? We’ve compiled our list of 5… Continue