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24th December 2015 | By:

Double linked list in C [part 2]

In the first part of this blog entry we discussed the basics of the linked lists and showed a simple implementation in C. Let’s try and extend the previous implementation and make this into a Double linked list. A double linked list… Continue

17th December 2015 | By:

How to create a self signed SSL certificate

SSL certificates are necessary if you want to encrypt the traffic between two end points, in our case we will be using self signed SSL certificate to encrypt the data transferred between the browser and apache web server. By default… Continue

16th December 2015 | By:

Single Linked List in C [part 1]

This tutorial assumes a basic knowledge of the C language and pointers. If you are not comfortable with this please refer to the basics of the C programming language and Memory Management. Introduction Linked lists are very useful when storing… Continue

7th December 2015 | By:

Upgrade Debian Wheezy to Jessie

This is a quick tutorial of how to upgrade your Debian Wheezy distribution to Debian Jessie. Currently “jessie” is still not released. At the time of writing the current version of jessie is only a release candidate but you can… Continue

10th September 2015 | By:

Basic VIM Tutorial part 1

VIM is a text editor which is available almost on any platform, it’s versatility and advanced features can be used to edit files on remote servers using SSH connection. History VIM is the IMproved version of the VI editor, these… Continue

23rd August 2015 | By:

Introduction to Aerodynamics [Part 2].

In the previous post we learned about the basic definition of Aerodynamics and the Bernoulli’s principle, on this second part, we are going to learn about a very interesting concept called the boundary layer. The boundary layer is the closest… Continue

20th August 2015 | By:

Install custom FreeBSD kernel

Install custom FreeBSD kernel This is a simple step by step tutorial on how to install a custom kernel on FreeBSD. Basic unix/linux knowledge is required. Before you start, make sure you have a backup of you data or alternatively… Continue

Think Tank
11th August 2015 | By:

Sugar is the new fat

For the last decade the food industry has been heavily insisting and promoting healthy being by eating their new range of low fat and low calorie products. Everywhere, all you can see is, low fat, reduced fat or 0% fat… Continue

7th August 2015 | By:

Introduction to Aerodynamics [Part 1]

What is Aerodynamics? Aerodynamics is the branch of Fluid dynamics that studies the laws and principles of the interaction between gases and solids, the gas being in most cases air. Having an understanding of aerodynamics we can explain how some… Continue

22nd July 2015 | By:


This is a small tutorial about signals in general, more precisely what they are designed for, how they work and handling of the signals. Signals have various use cases but before we start exploring let’s see what a signal really… Continue