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Not On The High Street – Gift-O-Matic Twitter Vending Machine

To spice up life for Londoner’s in the run up to Christmas, Aeguana worked with the incredible online retail company Not On The High Street to create a massive Christmas present that incorporated the Gift-o-Matic vending machine. These were setup at both Waterloo and Paddington rail stations between the 20th and 21st of December 2015.

The concept was simple – commuters rushing to and from work needn’t stress out about not having bought all their presents. They could simply send a Tweet and include a hashtag for the personality type of the person they need a present for, and tell us a little about why they need it. This might be along the lines of ‘@notonthehighst #waterloo please help me with a present for my #foodie friend!’.
The Twitter vending machine would then instantly drop a relevant prize for that personality type. With such incredible prizes being awarded, it’s no surprise we had over 1,000 people interact with the machine over the event!
It’s great to hear the feedback from some of the customers and even the promotional staff regarding the activation – everyone tends to agree that creating a ‘pull’ interaction such as engaging customers to pro-actively Tweet the vending machine and understand the concept, creates an increased brand recognition and heightens the brand’s value that simply handing out samples or flyers – particularly in London where everyone always has somewhere to be!
Here’s a link to the activation in Event Magazine (yes, it includes a picture of me!): http://www.eventmagazine.co.uk/not-high-street-aids-last-minute-shoppers-gift-o-matic-service/brands/article/1377599
To find out more about Aeguana’s experiential Twitter vending machines, and other experiential social technology, get in touch.
We’ve also included some photos above, most of which are courtesy of Not On The High Street’s incredible photographer!

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