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27th November 2015 | By:

Crep Protect x NBA Instagram Vending Machine (in the Shard)

To celebrate and kick off the launch of the new range from Crep Protect (in partnership with the NBA), they took an Instagram vending machine to new heights by placing it on the 69th floor of The Shard, London.
On a crisp yet clear (and rain free night), Aeguana worked with Crep Protect to get the machine to one of the highest points in London (involving a total of 4 lifts!), and set it up overlooking London.
The concept was simple – tag your sneakers with #NBACrepTreats on Instagram and instantly receive a reward from their Instagram vending machine. With surprise packages filled with everything from product samples to NBA branded keychains, it was quite a hit, generating interactions from a substantial number of the guests attending.
Perhaps the most surprising challenge was the vibrations from the DJ’s epic base shaking up our products inside the machine! Definitely not a problem we’d faced before, but at least we had some great music going whilst we tackled it.

Here are a few shots from the night (thank you to Crep Protect x NBA Collaboration Launch Party at The View From The Shard and their great photographer Dave Hogan).

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