12th December 2015 | By:

How to export data as a CSV – Django model

I recently faced a new challenge where I had to generate large CSV files from the backend. The whole process can take a while and if done improperly can cause the server to stop responding or even crash in worst-case scenarios. Let’s… Continue

28th August 2015 | By:

Efficient SQL queries with Django

Creating/fetching/saving/deleting data from database is one of the most common tasks for the the web apps. Most of the time the web app is based on database and can not work without it. Therefore developers need to remember how important… Continue

31st July 2015 | By:

Stand-alone Django script

Sometimes we need run a stand alone python script which uses the models of the Django project, let’s assume we want to run a python script in a cron job which uses our Django’s models and the setup is all within… Continue

1st January 2015 | By:

Real time Instagram API with Django

This is a quick tutorial on howto use the Instagram API with Django. We will be tracking a specific hashtag in real time and receiving the notifications from Instagram API to our defined endpoint. Python Instagram package Install the python… Continue