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12th February 2015 | By:

My Life and Work – Book of the Month December 2014

It's an absolutely fascinating read. [...] his language is casual, and it's as much about showcasing his expertise in what he does, as it is about expressing his frustrations about the world around him - such as the healthcare or education systems (which ironically we could still feel the same frustration over). Continue

Fun Zone
28th January 2015 | By:

The Joule Thief

The joule thief is a fascinating circuit with the ability to “steal” every little bit of charge left in a battery and power a device which would otherwise consider the battery to be dead. Many applications cut off when the voltage drops below a certain threshold, and of course when a battery is becoming depleted… Continue

10th January 2015 | By:

XDCC Tutorial

This tutorial assumes you have a good knowledge of IRC[1](Internet Relay Chat) and you are… Continue