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27th July 2015 | By: Tips & Tricks

Since its launch on April 2015, saw tremendous adoption. If you have tried it already, you can surely understand why – it’s very simple, competitive, addictive, and above all, it’s incredibly easy/quick to start playing: you just visit the URL, select a name and off you go! If you haven’t tried it yet, what… Continue

24th July 2015 | By:

An Introduction to Font Types

In a previous blog post, we looked at the impact that well chosen typography can have in web design. Fortunately, with CSS we can import different fonts with the @font-face declaration and then reference this with the ‘font-family’ property. However, why is it that we always have to declare various different formats of the same… Continue

22nd July 2015 | By:


This is a small tutorial about signals in general, more precisely what they are designed for, how they work and handling of the signals. Signals have various use cases but before we start exploring let’s see what a signal really is. At basic level a signal is an event/interrupt delivered by the operating system to… Continue

21st July 2015 | By:


For the new project we are doing on our free time (Inverted pendulum, Video) we… Continue