17th December 2015 | By:

How to create a self signed SSL certificate

SSL certificates are necessary if you want to encrypt the traffic between two end points, in our case we will be using self signed SSL certificate to encrypt the data transferred between the browser and apache web server. By default the traffic is not encrypted and it can be easily sniffed. SSL is using the… Continue

16th December 2015 | By:

Single Linked List in C [part 1]

This tutorial assumes a basic knowledge of the C language and pointers. If you are not comfortable with this please refer to the basics of the C programming language and Memory Management. Introduction Linked lists are very useful when storing a group of data and accessing them linearly when needed. The naming is mainly because… Continue

15th December 2015 | By:

A Guide to CE Marking Products as a Manufacturer – Introduction

If you’re a manufacturer or a design company, there will likely come a time when you need to CE mark your products in order for them to be sold to businesses and consumers. “The CE marking is a key indicator (but not proof) of a product’s compliance with EU legislation”. Whilst there are exemptions (detailed below), the… Continue