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Double linked list in C [part 2]

In the first part of this blog entry we discussed the basics of the linked lists and showed a simple implementation in C. Let’s try and extend the previous implementation and make this into a Double linked list. A double linked list is very similar to a single linked list, the major difference is the way the… Continue

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Not On The High Street – Gift-O-Matic Twitter Vending Machine

To spice up life for Londoner’s in the run up to Christmas, Aeguana worked with the incredible online retail company Not On The High Street to create a massive Christmas present that incorporated the Gift-o-Matic vending machine. These were setup at both Waterloo and Paddington rail stations between the 20th and 21st of December 2015.… Continue

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Strain Gauges [PART 3 – Wheatstone Bridge]

Having covered strain gauges and how they work (see Part 2), it is worth exploring how they are used and how we can get a useful signal from them to represent the strain that a member is undergoing. As discussed in Part 2[link], the property that varies in the strain gauge, as a result of… Continue