Experiential Marketing & Event Technology
29th December 2018 | By:

The future of Social Vending in 2019

2018 has been a great year for social vending. If we look back, Aeguana pioneered social vending technology in collaboration with a production agency partner in 2016, initially focusing on Twitter as a channel to trigger our vending machines. Since then we’ve continued to advance the technology, taking on ever more challenging briefs that look… Continue

Martin Fisher - NHS - Biosure - Vending Machine
Automated Retail & Vending
30th September 2017 | By:

Digital Vend (Touch) launches with Martin Fisher Foundation

Aeguana have partnered with the Martin Fisher Foundation (MFF) and Biosure to run a trial dispensing HIV Testing Kits from select locations in Brighton & Hove using the latest Digital Vend (Touch) vending machines. The on-screen user experience was completely customised by MFF to collect demographic and epidemiological information from each client prior to dispensing… Continue

Think Tank
3rd May 2017 | By:

Motorised Blinds

Although sunshine is considered to be a relatively rare commodity in London, and is almost always welcomed, it has also been the source of a long-standing frustration. Being a light sleeper, I have often struggled with the amount of light entering the room. It has been a problem with no seemingly easy solution: having thin… Continue