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19th December 2014 | By:

HMRC’s Patent Box – Incentivising Innovation-led companies in the UK

The UK’s Patent Box scheme is an interesting one that I have heard come up in conversation increasingly more over the past year. At its core, it is designed to reduce the Corporation Tax liability of companies commercialising products for which they have developed Intellectual Property – more specifically patents. In such cases, the effective rate of… Continue

18th December 2014 | By:

Analogue to Digital Conversion [PART 4 – Resolution]

Another very important concept of Analog to Digital Conversion (ADC) is that of Resolution. In part 2, Sampling Frequency was discussed, and its effect on the accuracy of the conversion was covered. This was important as the resulting digital signal in a conversion varies discretely with time (at intervals defined by the sampling frequency). Similarly,… Continue

17th December 2014 | By:

Regulating Bitcoin & FinTech in the UK – what needs to change?

In the wake of the recently announced consultation by the UK Treasury on Digital Currencies, and given the recent developments in this space directly concerning regulation, let’s take a look at what has changed, what needs to change, and what we hope the future will look like for those involved in the crypto-currency economy. It… Continue