31st July 2015 | By:

Stand-alone Django script

Sometimes we need run a stand alone python script which uses the models of the Django project, let’s assume we want to run a python script in a cron job which uses our Django’s models and the setup is all within… Continue

22nd July 2015 | By:


This is a small tutorial about signals in general, more precisely what they are designed for, how they work and handling of the signals. Signals have various use cases but before we start exploring let’s see what a signal really… Continue

17th July 2015 | By:

An Introduction to Cookies

Since the introduction of the EU legislative cookie law in 2012, websites that use cookies are required to inform and acquire consent from users that visit a website upon arrival, as part of the ePrivacy Directive.  While a cookie can’t… Continue

12th July 2015 | By:

TCP Socket States

Sockets are a way of opening a full duplex communication between two end points, in order to open the communication certain negotiation is required between the both parties, this negotiation is done by sending a special crafted packet with to… Continue

26th June 2015 | By:

Python Virtual Environment Tutorial

This is a basic tutorial designed to help you setup a virtualenv and start using it. The purpose of virtualenv is to isolate Python environments and make sure there are no conflicts when you have multiple applications deployed on the… Continue

16th June 2015 | By:

Recover raspberry pi password

Raspberry Pi is an amazing and powerful tiny computer, we are actively using this device for our projects, recently we had run into an issue where we had forgotten the “pi” user’s password. This quick tutorial explains step by step… Continue

15th June 2015 | By:

How to Build a Binary Clock [PART 1]

Electronics have always been very interesting for me, but I’ve never had a lot of opportunities and tools to try it. Now, as our office has become more of an electronics lab, I can start to get closer to the electronic part… Continue

10th January 2015 | By:

XDCC Tutorial

This tutorial assumes you have a good knowledge of IRC[1](Internet Relay Chat) and you are able to connect to a server and send messages to other users via your preferred IRC client. So, what is XDCC in a nutshell ?… Continue

1st January 2015 | By:

Real time Instagram API with Django

This is a quick tutorial on howto use the Instagram API with Django. We will be tracking a specific hashtag in real time and receiving the notifications from Instagram API to our defined endpoint. Python Instagram package Install the python… Continue