23rd December 2015 | By:

Why do kettles make so much noise?

The electric kettle is one of the most frequently used appliances – at least here in the UK – and yet few people ever question where the sound comes from when we put some water to boil. Sure, when the… Continue

15th December 2015 | By:

Recovering a Dead Hard Drive

In trying to setup a new backup server, we blew up an original hard drive and lost the data we were hoping to back up! Plugging in the wrong power source to our hard drive resulted in smoke and the… Continue

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14th December 2015 | By:

How to Brew the Perfect Cup of Tea

If you are a true tea lover, or English, then you are certainly very particular and have your own specific rules when it comes to making a cup of tea. You might even cringe or scoff at anyone who might… Continue

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13th December 2015 | By:

Places to visit in Berlin

During the Easter break we’ve visited Berlin, the capitol of the Germany, at the same time the biggest city in the country. I can truly say, it’s one of the most vivid and vibrant places I’ve ever been in. Before the… Continue

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15th October 2015 | By:

Attempting to cycle the Via Claudia Augusta

About 10 days ago I decided I needed a holiday – something different. Something challenging. Possibly something on a bike? I did some research for famous bike routes around Europe (wasn’t too keen on going much further) and came across… Continue

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11th September 2015 | By:

Places to visit in Lisbon

If you’re looking for a quick getaway in Europe, you can do no wrong in Lisbon. Lisbon – the capital city of Portugal – is located in the South Western corner of Europe, sharing borders with Spain on the Iberian… Continue

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11th August 2015 | By:

Sugar is the new fat

For the last decade the food industry has been heavily insisting and promoting healthy being by eating their new range of low fat and low calorie products. Everywhere, all you can see is, low fat, reduced fat or 0% fat… Continue

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27th July 2015 | By: Tips & Tricks

Since its launch on April 2015, saw tremendous adoption. If you have tried it already, you can surely understand why – it’s very simple, competitive, addictive, and above all, it’s incredibly easy/quick to start playing: you just visit the… Continue