31st July 2015 | By:

Stand-alone Django script

Sometimes we need run a stand alone python script which uses the models of the Django project, let’s assume we want to run a python script in a cron job which uses our Django’s models and the setup is all within… Continue

Think Tank
19th June 2015 | By:

How to Build a Binary Clock [PART 2]

When the basic algorithm of turning the diodes on and off is done and tested, it’s time to build the full prototype. This part was completely new for me, as I’d never done anything like it before. The first step… Continue

Think Tank
15th June 2015 | By:

How to Build a Binary Clock [PART 1]

Electronics have always been very interesting for me, but I’ve never had a lot of opportunities and tools to try it. Now, as our office has become more of an electronics lab, I can start to get closer to the electronic part… Continue

Think Tank
9th June 2015 | By:

Wonderful Cuba

We spent this years holidays in Cuba, one of the most extraordinary, weird and friendly country we’ve ever visited. It is one of the most beautiful places on the Caribbean and definitely one with the most interesting history. Before we… Continue

24th December 2014 | By:

Signed URls – Query string authentication

What it is? Signed URL’s contain query string parameters that allow access to protected data without requiring any credentials from the end user. Furthermore, you can restrict access to the particular file by providing a timestamp, so that after a particular date… Continue

9th December 2014 | By:

Using HTTPS on localhost

There are several ways to run a dev server on a local machine. We can achieve this with built-in tools in the dev environment (such as ‘Django server’) or by setting up ‘nginx’ locally etc. All these solutions are awesome to use during… Continue

2nd December 2014 | By:

Using SOAP with SUDS – an introduction

I’m sure that most of you reading this post have heard/used the XML/SOAP – same as me. However I’d never used the WSDL before, yet last week I needed to work with two, unconnected to each other APIs, using this protocol. So… Continue

1st December 2014 | By:

PyFileMaker – Integrating Python and Filemaker

PyFileMaker is a Python Library that makes it possible to work with FileMaker‘s XML API. You can use the Filemaker XML API to query a FileMaker database, create records, modify records, execute scripts and more. During the creation of web applications… Continue