26th December 2015 | By:

Manipulating the browser history [HTML5]

Since the introduction of HTML5 it’s been possible to manage the browser history using the history and history.pushState API. It allows us to change the URL in the browser without the page refreshing. There are a lot of frameworks that already support… Continue

Fun Zone
13th December 2015 | By:

Places to visit in Berlin

During the Easter break we’ve visited Berlin, the capitol of the Germany, at the same time the biggest city in the country. I can truly say, it’s one of the most vivid and vibrant places I’ve ever been in. Before the… Continue

12th December 2015 | By:

Writing a GUI using QML for a C++ project

As I mentioned before, QML provides a brand new approach to developing GUI applications for a range of different devices. This makes it really easy to write C++ apps for multiple operating systems. We can develop the same QML and QtQuick application… Continue

12th December 2015 | By:

How to export data as a CSV – Django model

I recently faced a new challenge where I had to generate large CSV files from the backend. The whole process can take a while and if done improperly can cause the server to stop responding or even crash in worst-case scenarios. Let’s… Continue

1st December 2015 | By:

Capture/manipulate video in canvas [HTML5]

With HTML5 it is now possible to directly capture video from the camera and stream it to the element. It is also possible to mirror the video to a element, you can do some really cool stuff like apply filters, take pictures… Continue

15th October 2015 | By:

How to run a single app instance in QT

Sometimes we don’t want to allow users to run multiple instances of the app at once. We might want to do it, to prevent memory leak, files corruption or we decided there is no practical need to run two instances… Continue

28th August 2015 | By:

Efficient SQL queries with Django

Creating/fetching/saving/deleting data from database is one of the most common tasks for the the web apps. Most of the time the web app is based on database and can not work without it. Therefore developers need to remember how important… Continue

18th August 2015 | By:

Implement cookies disclaimer in Javascript

If you don’t know exactly what cookies are please take a look in Introduction to cookies in our blog. The full example can be found here on JsFiddle. Please note, when you dismiss the notification it won’t be visible until… Continue