16th June 2015 | By:

Recover raspberry pi password

Raspberry Pi is an amazing and powerful tiny computer, we are actively using this device for our projects, recently we had run into an issue where we had forgotten the “pi” user’s password. This quick tutorial explains step by step… Continue

10th January 2015 | By:

XDCC Tutorial

This tutorial assumes you have a good knowledge of IRC[1](Internet Relay Chat) and you are able to connect to a server and send messages to other users via your preferred IRC client. So, what is XDCC in a nutshell ?… Continue

1st January 2015 | By:

Real time Instagram API with Django

This is a quick tutorial on howto use the Instagram API with Django. We will be tracking a specific hashtag in real time and receiving the notifications from Instagram API to our defined endpoint. Python Instagram package Install the python… Continue

17th December 2014 | By:

Downloading files with QNetworkaccessManager

Downloading a file via HTTP is really easy using Qt5, everything is done through the QNetworkaccessManager, QNetworkReply and QNetworkRequest objects. In the following article we will try to shed some light on how to use the components to efficiently download… Continue

5th December 2014 | By:

Profiling Python Application with Graphs

Profiling Python Application with Graphs As a General rule when we write a Python code we tend to write it as quickly as possible in order to achieve the desired outcome, once we reach this stage we look back and… Continue

2nd December 2014 | By:

TCP and UDP socket types

Before we dive into describing the most used socket types, let’s see what a socket really is. A socket, also referred as network socket[1], is a way of establishing a communication between various computers/devices. It sits on top of the… Continue

10th January 2014 | By:

Tmux usage tutorial

Linux users are probably aware of the utility called ‘screen’, it has been around for ages and is still available for most of the distributions as the default utility to multiplex a physical terminal between the processes. The ‘screen’ works… Continue