Touchless alcohol vending machines for hotels
12th June 2020 | By:

Hotels: Raising the (mini) Bar!

We’ve been working hard with one of our most forward-thinking, disruptive and hard-working clients VendEase (explore more about what they do here) to introduce touch-less vending combined with age-restricted alcohol sales to hotels. Introducing a touch free, age verified, alcoholic drinks vending machine, set to call time on the traditional hotel mini bar whilst also… Continue

touchless experiential robot
Experiential Marketing & Event Technology
28th May 2020 | By:

Is touch-less experiential the future?

It sounds oddly counter-intuitive, doesn’t it? Experiential by it’s very definition involves experiencing! How can we remove touch – such an essential sense – from that experience? And what could we replace it with? We’ve compiled our list of 5 changes we have observed, and believe will be accentuated in a post COVID-19 world that… Continue

Touchless vending machine technology
Automated Retail & Vending
20th May 2020 | By:

Is the future of vending & automated retail touch-less?

Retail stores closed. Grocery delivery slots exhausted. Airlines grounded. In what has felt like a mere heartbeat our world has changed overnight, and to some it is now barely recognisable. As I write this, retail stores in the UK remain closed in what for many is now the third month. With minimal human contact, there’s… Continue