Touchless vending machine technology
Automated Retail & Vending
20th May 2020 | By:

Is the future of vending & automated retail touch-less?

Retail stores closed. Grocery delivery slots exhausted. Airlines grounded. In what has felt like a mere heartbeat our world has changed overnight, and to some it is now barely recognisable. As I write this, retail stores in the UK remain closed in what for many is now the third month. With minimal human contact, there’s… Continue

Girl programming on multiple displays
Think Tank
30th April 2020 | By:

Lessons in Forensic Software Development – “move fast and break things, but never break them again”

Ever since Mark Zuckerberg coined the now famous motto “move fast and break things” startups around the world have embraced it, and done just that. It’s an enticing concept, particularly in a world where software teams large and small, in organisations ranging from startups to governments, have adopted an agile working methodology. I feel, however,… Continue

1st April 2020 | By:

Aeguana Launches Semi Automated Retail (SAR) in a UK First

It’s a time of year that has become synonymous with amazing announcements, and in consistent fashion, Aeguana has finally announced the launch of our Semi Automated Retail (SAR) service to our clients. We’ve been listening to our clients, and whilst retailers and the general public are becoming increasingly more accepting of vending machines and automated… Continue