3rd May 2017 | By:

Motorised Blinds

Although sunshine is considered to be a relatively rare commodity in London, and is almost always welcomed, it has also been the source of a long-standing frustration. Being a light sleeper, I have often struggled with the amount of light entering the room. It has been a problem with no seemingly easy solution: having thin… Continue

1st April 2017 | By:

Copenhagen – Clean, Green and Cashless!

When jumping off the surprisingly practical Norwegian plane (it had WiFi) at Copenhagen for the first time over the weekend, I quickly realised that despite being well equipped with my Revolut card – which for anyone wondering is a digital-only financial company brilliantly providing close to interbank exchange rates on almost every currency – I hadn’t… Continue

25th June 2016 | By:

#Brexit – Innovation Funding, Manufacturing and a Lack of Talent

As much as I dislike the recently coined #brexit, it’s now clearly the topic of conversation in every tube, bus and cafe around London. But whilst we had endless scaremongering from both sides of the campaign *before* the referendum, we’re now faced with a deluge of further fear-inducing “facts”, resulting in the so called #bregret. Personally, I… Continue